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Vex Unblocked

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Vex Unblocked is a very simple and basic adventure game. The previous versions of Vex where it was unable to play at any place has now been fixed with this Unblocked version. The game can now be played at any place and at any computer. This version has given player access to the game anywhere and anytime. Vex Unblocked is a really simple game with simple graphics with the option of customising the player controls. This action packed adventure game has mainly two modes: Default Mode and the Builder Mode.

- Default Mode -
The Default Mode has the goal of completing the stages which have been created by the developer. A stick figure is the main character who is used to navigate through the levels. The objective is to jump, run and cross all the obstacles successfully to cross the finish line which marks the end of the level. Even though created by the developers, the levels are not too tough and can be completed with two or three tries if not in the first try.

- Builder Mode -
The Builder Mode is the most popular mode in the game as it allows the people to customise their own levels and stages. They can use these stages to either play on their own or with their friends. A special set of specific controls are available for this mode. What makes this mode even special is that, after you finish to design the custom level or stage you can send an email to the developer and ask them to include your customised level in the Vex community for everyone else to enjoy.

In Vex Unblocked game the different modes have different control settings. You can customise the hotkey controls in the default mode in the settings menu. The direction controls can either be the "Arrow" keys or the "WASD" function and the "M" key can be used for turning "on/off" the sound and music. In the builder mode, players can choose the object they want to place from the object menu. By pressing the "C" key it is easier to duplicate an item that is already selected. Pressing "Esc" removes the placed item and pressing the "Del" or "D" key can remove an object that you feel is not necessary. The "Spacebar" key allows you to change your stage guide sizes. Overall, the game Vex Unblocked can be a bit difficult in the start as it takes a bit getting used to but after a few tries, it just becomes easier and so much fun to play.

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